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I'm so sorry you can't do a double click on your Mac to read a Perl error message. I thought that was pretty standard in the Mac world.

I didn't say I can't; I said it was easier if I didn't have to, and since you're asking for free help, why not make it easier for those you're asking to help you. Basic common sense.

And again, we're talking Perl here; I can't even work out how that screen shot is related at all; where did it come from. Just copy the error message from the text output. Again, we're talking Perl.

That is way off the beam. The issue is a 32/64 bit one and can be resolved by a perl version plist "Prefer-32-Bit". But that's nasty thing to do IMHO.

Umm, you know the solution? Then why are you asking for help? Or, you know of 'a' solution but don't share that with us so we can help you find a better solution? You've got to put some effort into helping us to help you. If you don't give us all the facts that you know (or think) might be relevant, how do you expect non-mind readers to assist?

The errors  arise from a call 'use Mac::OSA;'. It's broken and I gather will 
never be fixed.

I'm not the author, so can't say. What dit the author say?

Hmm, that's part of the Mac::Carbon distro. Doesn't surprise me in the slightest that it's not getting ongoing love. There are newer (better?) ways of doing things these days.

And from what I can tell; it's not broken at all. It's not advertised as 64-bit compatible. Maybe your system is broken since it doesn't have a 32-bit perl. You can compile for yourself you know.

I have taken it out of the  script and done the job another way.

Since we're still having to be mind-readers to know what your ultimate goal is, and knowing that with Perl TIMTOWTDI almost always holds true, a different solution doesn't surprise me.

I can take heaps of guesses at what you really wanted to do, but that's not what you asked. I suggested some ways to solve the question you asked.


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