On Monday October 31 2016 10:49:55 Clemens Lang wrote:


>Just as with Subversion, the answer is no. Remember that the PortIndex
>is specific to the macOS version you are running, so a server-generated

Ah, of course. I didn't actually know this but indeed port versions could be 
specific to OS version or platform even if no other specific information is 
Sorry for the noise.

Pity though, the first-run portindex of a fresh git clone just took about 5 
quarters of an hour on one of my machines (a good 5s/port).

>Additionally, git does not preserve timestamps from the repository on
>checkout, so you might actually end up re-generating the index locally

I think that wouldn't (or shouldn't) happen as the timestamp would be newer. 
And of course the auto-regeneration could be deactivated if the server always 
serves an up-to-date index.

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