> On Oct 31, 2016, at 12:16 PM, Thibaut Paumard <thib...@macports.org> wrote:
>> Le 31/10/2016 à 17:01, René J.V. Bertin a écrit :
>>> On Monday October 31 2016 10:00:05 Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>>> This issue only affects the very small percentage of the MacPorts user 
>>> population (including developers and maintainers) that clones the git 
>>> repository. Most users will use the rsync server, on which we do generate 
>>> portindexes for each macOS version.
>> Of course, but note how I used the word collective, which was supposed to 
>> include the idea that portindex has to be run each time by every user. :)
> I would actually believe the number of affected users should be between
> very small and zero.

Pretty much.

In any case, between the capabilities of Git itself and the facilities GitHub 
provides, I do not believe it is possible to do what you suggest.

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