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> How will this work on GitHub?
> The user will submit a pull request. How do I test it locally? What if the 
> pull request is incomplete? I know I can tell the user what's wrong, and they 
> can push another commit to the same branch they made to initiate the pull 
> request, and those new commits will automatically appear in the pull request, 
> and I can then merge it if I like it. But what if the user does not respond 
> and fix the changes? What if the user makes additional commits but they're 
> still not sufficient? How do I take the user's pull request, make additional 
> changes, and commit them to our master?

There were several different and sometimes conflicting answers to this question 
in this thread. Now that we have converted to git, and I have received a pull 
request for one of my ports, I need to know how to test it locally and then 
commit it to master. I don't want to understand git's theory or to be given 
lots of options amongst which to choose; I just want to be told how to get my 
work done. Could someone please update the WorkingWithGit page with the correct 

One of the suggestions in this thread was to use the "hub" wrapper around git. 
Based on the fact that their homepage only mentions how to install hub with 
Homebrew, and that they have twice refused [1] to acknowledge on their web page 
that hub can also be installed with MacPorts, I am uncomfortable referring 
users to their web page, and I suggest that we do not mention "hub" in our page.

[1] https://github.com/github/hub/pulls?utf8=✓&q=is%3Apr%20macports

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