On Oct 31, 2016, at 11:29 AM, Ryan Schmidt <ryandes...@macports.org> wrote:
> I just want to be told how to get my work done.

+1 for having a 'CheatSheet' of some sort

We did this at $WORK when moving from one system to another, and it's always 
been helpful.

> One of the suggestions in this thread was to use the "hub" wrapper around 
> git. Based on the fact that their homepage only mentions how to install hub 
> with Homebrew, and that they have twice refused [1] to acknowledge on their 
> web page that hub can also be installed with MacPorts, I am uncomfortable 
> referring users to their web page, and I suggest that we do not mention "hub" 
> in our page.

while that's super-silly of the 'hub' author, I don't think we need to 
retaliate by not using or recommending the software if it's useful.

Daniel J. Luke

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