On Tue, Nov 01, 2016 at 11:51:52PM +0100, Marko Käning wrote:
> I know that many of you weren't in favour of a commit message
> template, but I propose one anyway, which I derived from KDE’s neat
> one,

Developers are free to use your template if they want to. We don't want
to mandate using it though (since we couldn't enforce it anyway).

> as I find it on the console quite handy to know when 50 or 72
> characters are reached in a line:

vim does that with syntax highlighting automatically nowadays when it
notices you are writing a commit message. If you need an indication on
your line width, may I suggest you configure your editor appropriately?

> # --[ Links to issues on MacPorts' trac ]------------------------------|
> #ISSUE:      <full URL to trac ticket>
> #RESOLVES:   <full URL to trac ticket>
> #BLOCKED BY: <full URL to trac ticket>

You could have taken the time to actually adjust this to what MacPorts'
Trac instance accepts. See
for the description of the plugins that does this for us and
for the configuration we use.

> # --[ Links to other pull requests at GitHub ]—------------------------|
> #PR:      <PR ID>
> #
> # PR:      #123

Could use the documented keywords GitHub accepts to handle pull requests
(you can close pull requests from commit messages!)

Additionally, I don't like the upper case keywords.

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