On 02 Nov 2016, at 00:08 , Clemens Lang <c...@macports.org> wrote:
> Developers are free to use your template if they want to. We don't want
> to mandate using it though (since we couldn't enforce it anyway).

yeah, I am aware of that.

> vim does that with syntax highlighting automatically nowadays when it
> notices you are writing a commit message. If you need an indication on
> your line width, may I suggest you configure your editor appropriately?

Oh, I’d be using vim as well, good to know that it does support git.
I didn’t know that vim would be able to treat commit message line formatting
for the first and the 3r+ lines differently with 50 and 72 chars respectively.

>> # --[ Links to issues on MacPorts' trac ]------------------------------|
>> #ISSUE:      <full URL to trac ticket>
>> #RESOLVES:   <full URL to trac ticket>
>> #BLOCKED BY: <full URL to trac ticket>
> You could have taken the time to actually adjust this to what MacPorts'
> Trac instance accepts. See
> https://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/CommitTicketUpdater
> for the description of the plugins that does this for us and
> https://github.com/macports/trac.macports.org/blob/master/conf/trac.ini#L251
> for the configuration we use.

Yes, I could have, indeed, but I thought it was clear from my post that I was
trying to start a discussion about it and that I didn’t intend to deliver a
ready-made template with everything already prepared. Especially not because
I knew you weren’t fond of the whole idea anyways. How right I was I see from
the responses in this thread. ;-)

>> # --[ Links to other pull requests at GitHub ]—------------------------|
>> #PR:      <PR ID>
>> #
>> # PR:      #123
> Could use the documented keywords GitHub accepts to handle pull requests
> (you can close pull requests from commit messages!)

I could have done this too, yes. But I didn’t know about this GitHub
functionality up to now.

> Additionally, I don't like the upper case keywords.

Well, this was a trigger for a discussion about the topic of a template which
potentially could make the committer’s life easier... But I understood in the
meantime that I could have just used my spare time much better for other
things than trying to care about such silly things like a commit template.
I thought what KDE has is a good starting point and I believed MacPorts devs
would see value in it. I have now been taught that I wasted my time and yours.
Fine with me.

Moving on to the next response...
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