On 11/1/16 4:06 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> Off list, Larry likened removing $Id$ lines to adding modelines, which we 
> also haven't globally done to all Portfiles yet. But it's not really the same 
> thing. Adding modelines needs to be done on a case by case basis. For 
> example, if a Portfile currently uses tabs, then just adding the modeline 
> that states spaces are used would be inaccurate. The person adding the 
> modeline should also be converting the tabs to spaces at the same time.
> Removing the $Id$ line, by contrast, requires no other actions. I have no 
> objection to removing them all at once, and agree that if we make sure the 
> buildbot is already busy with some time consuming builds at the time that we 
> push that change, we can cancel the applicable portwatcher build before it 
> gets around to scheduling the tens of thousands of portbuilder builds.
> On the other hand, we do want to eventually build all ports on all builders, 
> both to build ports on the new builders that have never been built before, 
> and to catch up on some builds on the existing builders that may have been 
> missed; committing the change to remove the $Id$ line would be one way to 
> accomplish that. But to ensure that doesn't take longer than it needs to, I 
> want to switch from SQLite to PostgreSQL, and implement the successcache, 
> before doing that.
> Removing the $Id$ lines is not critical. There are other time-critical 
> matters of migrating off of macOS forge that still need to be accomplished in 
> the next two weeks that we should focus on instead.
> In the mean time, feel free to remove the $Id$ lines from your ports as you 
> update them, or do nothing with the $Id$ lines until we've figured out what 
> to do.

Although it's not a big deal, the current stable version of MacPorts will give 
a lint error if the $Id$ line is removed
but the version in git master has been already fixed to give an error if it 
exists.  So perhaps a logical point for
doing a mass replace is when 2.3.5 is released.  From recemt activity, I assume 
that's not too far down the line but far
enough to allow for the appropriate preparations.

Another reason for not canceling such a build would be to generate a record of 
how many ports and which ones are
currently broken.  I suspect there are a number that never get reported because 
they are old or obscure or just not used
very much.


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