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> Not to open another can of worms, but just how married are we to trac? Of 
> course
> it's never evident to migrate a web service, but has it never been considered 
> to
> investigate other popular bug trackers (e.g. bugzilla) and possibly switch 
> over
> by redirecting all new ticket requests to the new service?
> Github also has an issue tracker, for instance. I'm not familiar enough with 
> its
> advanced features. I couldn't say if it does attachments, but it does have 1
> rare feature I like very much: replying by email.

We actually investigated other solutions for the GitHub move. Some of us would
have preferred using the GitHub issue tracker, and we even had a conversion of
our tickets to GitHub already, but the longer we looked at it, the more problems
and limitations we actually found, which is why we ended up staying with Trac.

We also looked into other bugtrackers, and there was no clear benefit over Trac
to justify switching.

Clemens Lang
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