On 2016-11-4 19:36 , René J. V. Bertin wrote:
Lawrence Velázquez wrote:

Overall, can we just stop this discussion, please? We settled to stay
migrating is not worth it right now. At this point, we are kicking
a horse that is dead and buried and worm food, and it is wasting
everyone's time and energy. Enough.

So is this the kind of attitude with which you think to motivate others to
contribute to help make MP better?

Great job, really.

We could really do without this kind of sarcastic, insinuated personal attack. Cool it.

And yes, by explaining just how unlikely we are to make this change, Larry is attempting to direct contributions towards more productive areas. We're not doing another ticket migration any time soon, and we're even less likely to add a second bug tracker.

- Josh
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