Clemens Lang wrote:


> The part outside of parentheses is correct, the part inside isn't.
> rev-upgrade doesn't care whether the dep is provided by an active port,
> it just makes sure the library is there and will load.

Ok. Not sure if that changes anything for what I had in mind :)

> Tcl bindings and in C. I don't see a particular reason why we should
> involve Spotlight there, especially considering Apple's tendency to
> break APIs whenever they see fit and introduce a maintenance burden.
> A SQLite database would do just fine.

The only point in involving Spotlight would be to have a common interface that 
works, with a common set of configurable options like where to search and where 
not. And of course the automatic "only-what's-changed-updating" part. That sort 
of thing is usually the most expensive aspect to develop, and what keeps me 
sitting down and writing something myself. For now :)

> I'm not aware of a finished tool that does it.

No, I haven't found anything either. A bit surprising in a way, it sounds like 
tool that could be quite useful for distribution maintainers and OS developers.


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