I did close the PR for the ImageMagick openmp submit. I know Ryan hates PRs. I 
only generated the PR in the first place because I thought it would make life 
easier for him, which was my only goal.  I assumed these were one-click things 
on your end, as some of my PRs get committed in minutes. When I saw the PR was 
not helping, I left it here as a patch in the  original ticket, as he seems to 
prefer that, and all the info might as well be in one place for a searcher.


Similar with the fix for upc. I don't know where tenomoto is, but this one sat 
for about a month, and also has a ticket, so I left the fix there and closed 
off the PR as redundant. People will search trac when upc fails to build, and 
find the fix there.


Well, that one is a bit petty, I'll admit, and I closed that in the string of 
them. It's an ancient, rather messed up port that doesn't use the right 
compiler and would never in a million years pass a thorough inspection for a 
new submission today, but it works perfectly fine on the machines that it's 
targeted towards.. Jeremy asked me to see if it could be made available for 
another project I'm working on. I am curious why that "commit" button didn't 
get hit there..I demonstrated it built and worked fine on 10.4PPC and 10.5PPC 
-- .but from your note, I now realize committing a PR is quite a bit more 
involved than just popping a button, which is a pity. Now that I know that, I 
won't have expectations of anything.

One comment, though. I know about the manpower, and the volume. I get it. And I 
recognize all the work everyone does to keep things rolling (including what I 

But if MacPorts is really trying to increase usage and get more participants, 
it might be difficult to sell that if submissions and fixes take months or even 
years to get in.

Just food for thought.

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