> > That was a suggested design; if you're already doing it differently then
> I guess you don't need a design. I disagree with the last sentence though,
> a snapshot can be viewed as precisely the state of the original tables at a
> previous time.
> If that is the case, we can simply (insert into snapshot_ports select *
> from ports) to create a snapshot. Obviously the snapshot_ports table needs
> an extra snapshot_id column.

Yes, that's what we are indirectly doing at present.

> >> Also, we are not using version and revision. Even going by the literal
> meaning of a snapshot, it should not have a key or id linked to something
> that can change over time. It's simply the present state.
> >
> > The row in the ports table would not change over time, it would simply
> persist until no longer needed. If we ever get the ability to install old
> versions then that information would come in handy.
> Sounds right.


- Umesh

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