> > Later, I am planning to keep information on the manual portgroups in the
> snapshot, if there are any.
> >
> > What would this information be used for?
> >
> > I am under the impression that a user can categorize and classify the
> ports into portgroups, so it should be better if we migrate them too.
> Though, it seems highly
> Checkout "man portgroupā€, I think your understanding may not be 100%
> correct. Portgroups simply provide a way for port authors to include common
> code in there ports.
> Perhaps you are thinking that we would need to snapshot portgroup files if
> we where to ever support installing older versions of software. In that
> case you would be correct, the portgroup files would need to match the
> version of the portfile.

As I said, I myself am not very clear at present but just listing the
points to be used later. But the above is what I meant more or less, though
I was clear on the relation between portgroups and the versions.

- Umesh

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