On Feb 4, 2018, at 18:01, Ken Cunningham wrote:

> On Feb 4, 2018, at 6:56 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> The cxx11 portgroup is fine for C++11, but what do we want to do about 
>> C++14, C++17, and future versions?
> By providing a current clang, like 5.0, all these are covered I believe. 
> The PG is really misnamed....should be "modern compiler" PG or similar. 

Well, for example, Apple clang < 602 doesn't understand -std=c++14, but the 
portgroup only blacklists clang < 500. So for C++14 ports like textmate2 I've 
been adding the clang < 602 blacklist in addition to including the portgroup. 
But the more new C++ standards get introduced, the more complicated this will 

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