On 2018-04-04 16:36, Andrew Moore wrote:
> If I’m reading correctly the attached report from build...@macports.org
> <mailto:build...@macports.org>, port net/mosquitto fails for OS X <=
> 10.6 due to indirect dependency: libpsl.  If so, this is presumably a
> known issue, since many ports depend upon libpsl?

The failed libpsl build is this one (you can find it in the log of the
install-dependencies step). The build failed because libpsl cannot be
fetched on systems that do not support modern TLS protocol versions.
This is a well known problem.


Now that we execute the mirror step before attempting a build, we should
make the buildbot use a master_site_local pointing to a local mirror, as
we cannot expect the upload to be completed at the time the build runs.
Right now we are downloading all files twice.


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