On 5 April 2018 at 04:25, Andrew Moore wrote:
> Not being familiar with buildbot, I’m curious if there’s an easy way to 
> confirm a successful build?  If I go to, for instance, 
> https://build.macports.org/console, the format looks promising, but the 
> content is limited.  Google doesn’t seem to help either, e.g., searching 
> `mosquitto site:build.macports.org’ produces no results, which begs another 
> question:  would it be possible/worthwhile to make build.macports.org 
> “search-engine optimized”?

There are three orthogonal approaches to this problem:

(a) The only one working right now: check for green checkmarks or red
crosses in commit log, for example
The list does not get corrections for forced builds (or maybe it would
if I clicked "rebuild" instead of "force build"). It might be possible
to hack buildbot configuration to find the correct commit (maybe we
should do this anyway). If multiple ports are built in the same
commit, you'll get just the result of the latest build, I think.
There's some room for improvements here, but it's a killer feature
already :)

(b) We are looking for a front-end developer willing to look into some
react.js/vue.js black magic to talk to buildbot

(c) As Ryan mentioned, there was a student proposal for GSOC this year
to address this exact issue in a standalone website.
(Accepted projects will be announced on 23rd April. If selected, the
work should be done by the end of the summer.)


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