On Apr 11, 2018, at 20:47, Joshua Root wrote:

> On 2018-4-12 10:47 , Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> The developer of buildbot thinks we may be able to improve buildbot's 
>> performance when there are so many pending builds, by switching to a 
>> postgresql database [2]. I intend to do that, when I have time.
> If switching databases would help, that would mean we're doing a lot of
> queries in getNextBuildOnPortBuilder, which would mean
> request.properties.getProperty involves a query. So that means we should:
> (a) only do the queries once for each set of build requests, and
> (b) use Deferred so the main thread isn't waiting for every query to finish.

These performance problems predate the existence of our 
getNextBuildOnPortBuilder function.

It smells to me like a missing database index problem. I don't know how to 
determine that though.

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