On Wed, 11 Apr 2018 19:30:56 -0400 Andrew Moore <slew...@gmail.com>
> As someone who only reads the manual as last resort, I think
> Section 7 of the MacPorts Guide could be retitled from “MacPorts
> Project” to “Contributing to MacPorts”.  And then steps for
> creating pull requests via GitHub spelled out tutorial-wise.
> Perhaps steal an existing tutorial
> <https://yangsu.github.io/pull-request-tutorial/>.

Pull requests to make these changes would be quite welcome!

> While I appreciate the intent, I think “easing into” GitHub is more
> obfuscating, and actually adds an extra hurdle for contributors.
> For instance the section immediately following “Using Git and
> GitHub” is titled “New Ports” and proceeds with steps for
> contributing a Trac ticket.

Only after saying please use GitHub preferentially in boldface and
first saying "use github! but if you're using trac, do this!"

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