On 4/14/18 08:29 , Perry E. Metzger wrote:
On Fri, 13 Apr 2018 07:31:45 -0600 Jonathan Stickel
<jjstic...@gmail.com> wrote:
As a long time contributor of patches using the ticket interface
(Trac), I think it would be a mistake to discourage submission of
patches there. While it is fine to encourage use of git pull
requests, the barrier of entry is much higher. In fact, I just made
my first pull request this week, and, after a nontrivial amount of
effort, I still managed to mess it up. Git is quite powerful for
sure, but it definitely has a learning curve. Pull requests makes
use of multiple layers of abstract concepts (forks and branches)
and multiple steps.

I think it would be reasonable to expect casual users to still
upload patches to trac, which then port maintainers ought to turn
into PRs. My 2 cents.

We're currently encouraging use of pull requests, not banning the use
of Trac. If you find Trac is vastly easier, then use that for now.
The price is that you may not get attention to your requests as

Sure, it makes perfect sense to encourage PRs while continue to consider patches. I'm not against that at all, and I'm willing to figure it out. But care should be taken about the tone of the message, especially given the current competition. Any perception that Macports is not friendly to new users and contributors would be a mistake.

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