On 2018-04-13 23:55, Joshua Root wrote:
> On 2018-4-14 07:30 , Enrico Maria Crisostomo wrote:
>> Hence, the macports installation that was built from the dirty tree is 
>> referring to the installation directory of the previous build.  That also 
>> explains why removing that directory makes port crash, as I said in a 
>> previous mail.
> OK, so the issue is not with switching tags without cleaning at all, but
> configuring for a different prefix without cleaning. The bug is in one
> of Tcl's Makefiles, which compiles tclPkgConfig.c with several -D flags
> using values that are directly substituted into the Makefile by
> autoconf. There should probably be a dependency declared on the Makefile
> itself.

FWIW, I am usually work with multiple worktrees instead of switching
branches in the same directory. That way I can have directories for both
master and release-2.4 side-by-side.

$ pwd
$ git worktree add ../base-2.4 release-2.4
$ cd ../base-2.4
$ cat config/macports_version

See the git manual for the details:

The copy in base-2.4 is also configured to use a different prefix. As
the files of the build system can stay in the filesystem, I do not have
to re-configure all the time. When I want to work on release-2.4, I only
have to change directory in my shell.


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