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> Hi,
> I was working on updating the acl2 port version from 3.5 to 8.0
> There has been lot of changes ever since to upstream. They moved to
> github and the stable versions are released under 'acl2-devel'
> username instead of acl2 (upstream).
> I was thinking to obsolete acl2 and move the new port to acl2-devel.

Which ACL2 are you referring to? Because there's also this:


which is I believe where the thing is now being maintained.

> Any thoughts or advice regarding this would be really helpful.
> Probably from experienced Port developers and/or PortMgr.
> I would also like to know how do I test all the variants and
> different phases that are mentioned in initial Portfile. There were
> lot of things that didn't work correctly with updated version but I
> was able to pin point to only errors that I encountered (by running
> just port -d build/destroot/install acl2) but there might be other
> changes too that may be required. Do we run each and every variant
> combination and test the portfile or is there any easy way to do so
> (maybe run a build bot job ?).

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