Please forgive my ignorance but I'm trying to understand whether the
Docker port is still being maintained. When I look in Trac, I see
Changeset 150908 which states that:
Timestamp: 08/01/16 14:59:33 (7 weeks ago)
Author: sean@…
Message: docker: no longer have the time to maintain docker related packages
And it appears that sean@ changed the maintainer from himself to

When I first looked, about 4 weeks ago, 150908 was the most recent
change, and I assumed that the port was no longer being maintained.

Then I looked again today and found two changes sets from 3 weeks ago,
by different users. The most recent is:

Changeset 152209
Timestamp: 08/31/16 15:33:23 (3 weeks ago)
Author: cal@…
Message: docker: 1.12.1

But the maintainer is still set to nomaintainer.

Please help me understand if I should consider to be under active
maintenance even though nomaintainer is still listed as the maintainer?

Ron (a dedicated MacPorts user) thank you to all maintainers!
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