> On Sep 18, 2016, at 9:36 PM, Ron Sidell <sancarlosas...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Please forgive my ignorance but I'm trying to understand whether the
> Docker port is still being maintained. When I look in Trac, I see
> Changeset 150908 which states that:
> Timestamp: 08/01/16 14:59:33 (7 weeks ago)
> Author: sean@…
> Message: docker: no longer have the time to maintain docker related packages
> And it appears that sean@ changed the maintainer from himself to
> "nomaintainer."
> When I first looked, about 4 weeks ago, 150908 was the most recent
> change, and I assumed that the port was no longer being maintained.
> Then I looked again today and found two changes sets from 3 weeks ago,
> by different users. The most recent is:
> Changeset 152209
> Timestamp: 08/31/16 15:33:23 (3 weeks ago)
> Author: cal@…
> Message: docker: 1.12.1
> But the maintainer is still set to nomaintainer.
> Please help me understand if I should consider to be under active
> maintenance even though nomaintainer is still listed as the maintainer?
> Thanks!
> Ron (a dedicated MacPorts user) thank you to all maintainers!

"nomaintainer" means nobody has agreed to be the port's maintainer, and that 
anybody with commit access may feel free to make changes to it.

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