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> I recently did a fresh installation of MacPorts. I then installed
> octave-devel because the version given for it is 4.1.0+, more recent than
> that for octave the version of which is given as 4.0.3_1.

-devel ports are for testing; there is no guarantee of compatibility with
dependents of the stable port version.

(1) Can I do a "sudo port clean --dist octave" to get rid of any junk that
> was installed by the aborted octave installation?

--dist removes the source distribution. Other components may be left
behind. Perhaps you want --all, or at least --work --dist --archive.

> (2) Can I install octave packages such as octave-signal into octave-devel?
> If so, how? Does this involve using octave_select?

select ports change what shows up on the user's $PATH. They should not
affect installation or maintenance via the port command, and a port which
relied on port select to determine what or where to install would be
considered buggy because it defeats using port select to let the user
switch between different, possibly incompatible, versions of a package.

(3) If I need to revert to octave 4.0.3_1, how do I remove _all_ of
> octave-devel. In the past I have found that uninstalling ports doesn’t
> return my disk usage to what it was before installing, usually by several
> GB. I want to keep a lean and clean MacPorts installation.

Uninstall will leave distfiles and downloaded archives behind; this is a
use case for `port clean --dist` (possibly also with --archive) that you
mentioned above. If you are regularly seeing additional space usage after
removing installed files and distfiles, make sure you have not configured
macports.conf to retain work directories or build log files (either of
which you might change in order to debug buggy ports).

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