On 31/10/16 09:49, Clemens Lang wrote:

On Mon, Oct 31, 2016 at 10:18:42AM +0100, René J.  V. Bertin wrote:
I may have overlooked this, but does github have any provisions that
would allow the PortIndex files to be generated on the server and
served with the actual repo contents? That would probably give a very
significant reduction in the resources spent collectively to
regenerate those files...

Just as with Subversion, the answer is no. Remember that the PortIndex
is specific to the macOS version you are running, so a server-generated
PortIndex could only generate all of them into different files.

Additionally, git does not preserve timestamps from the repository on
checkout, so you might actually end up re-generating the index locally

After the initial checkout, when the first time generation of the index does take a short while, subsequent updates are from my perspective fast enough that this is not something to worry about. (I personally actually prefer to be generating it myself anyway).

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