OK Mike,

If you care to try out a MacPorts build of OpenJK yourself, the Portfile is in 
reasonable working condition.

> <https://github.com/kencu/myports/tree/master/games/OpenJK>

I have not yet added in all the deps -- this builds through on my system. I 
have SDL1.2 and SDL2 installed, and lots of others. I'll figure that out on a 
VM I use for that.

You might run into a missing dependency. Let me know.

Also - I don't actually own this game, so I don't have the associated files to 
make it actually work at present.

This site <https://jkhub.org/tutorials/article/178-installing-openjk-on-os-x/> 
seems to have sorted out where to put the files.

I think they can go in ~/Library/Application Support/OpenJK/base

but let me know.

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