> On Jan 12, 2017, at 4:41 PM, Daniel J. Luke <dl...@geeklair.net> wrote:
> On Jan 12, 2017, at 4:08 PM, Adam Dershowitz <de...@alum.mit.edu> wrote:
>> But, if there are actually any ports that I have where +universal is the 
>> default, and is necessary, that would break them, and their chain of 
>> dependancies.  I don’t know if there are any like that, or how I can tell, 
>> except by manually reviewing info for each one.  Is there any other way?
>>>> One option would be to uninstall everything and then to avoid the 
>>>> migration script, and just to reinstall my list of requested ports and see 
>>>> what happens.  But, that will take some time.  
> I would do this - (if you had done it back when you suggested it, you would 
> probably be already done and not having to think about this anymore by now).
>>>> Especially, since a good number of ports end up building from source 
>>>> instead of binaries.  But, it could be that the reason for this is that 
>>>> they ended up being +universal, so they were not available on the 
>>>> buildbots.
> if you just deactivate everything - anything that already built (or you got a 
> binary for) will be fast to reinstall (assuming the variants match).
> if you really wanted to, you could also set up your own binary archive 
> (https://trac.macports.org/wiki/howto/ShareArchives2)
> -- 
> Daniel J. Luke

I uninstalled all ports, and then tried to just install my requested ports, 
with variants, that I wanted.  Almost all were just default and none of these 
were +universal.  But, when it got to install wine-devel, it proceeded to 
install a whole bunch of +universal ports.  The very strange thing is that it 
was a different set from on my prior machine (the original source for 
myports.txt) and on the new machine (where things were working, but there were 
a whole bunch of universal ports, that I didn’t expect were necessary).  For 
example, it built and installed a universal version of ghostscript.  And, it 
tried and failed to build a universal version of texlive-bin.  So, just before 
I uninstalled everything I had wine-devel installed, but it hadn’t needed 
texlive-bin, or ghostcript (or a whole bunch of others) to be universal.  But, 
now when I build in a different order, it does, and it fails.  
So, it seems that the order is critical to install certain ports, both in terms 
of which dependencies end up being +universal, and if the build can succeed at 

And, now I don’t know how to get wine, or wine-devel to install.  Any ideas?

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