> So, this suggests that there might be some combination of the long list of 
> ports below that I could uninstall +universal, then install default, and that 
> might allow wine to build? 

well, I was suggesting that you can even 'uninstall' any 'build' dependencies 
after they've been used to build something (since they're not needed at 

you probably shouldn't care too much about what is or isn't installed 
+universal if your ports are working, though.

> But, no easy way to figure out which combination?  Macports might or might 
> not want to update any given port to +universal?  
> At the moment my libunistring is not +universal.  Although, perhaps the 
> reasons that macports wants to rebuild textlive that way, is that it can 
> rebuild that as well.

to get your stuff working, you could probably uninstall libunistring, install 
textlive (non-universal) and then install libunistring +universal while telling 
MacPorts not to look at dependencies (-n) [although I haven't tested that, so 
it might not work since IIRC the build_arch +universal stuff is 'special']

Daniel J. Luke

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