> On Aug 4, 2017, at 20:36, Richard L. Hamilton <rlha...@smart.net> wrote:
> Some notes of mine on /usr/local:  I can't avoid /usr/local entirely, since 
> VirtualBox and Parallels install their command line tools there.

Those probably won't cause problems for MacPorts.

> But I can move /usr/local out of the way, for the duration of MacPorts 
> builds, as necessary.  More precisely, with System Integrity Protection 
> turned off, I moved /usr/local elsewhere (not in /usr, which is mostly 
> protected), and replaced it with a symlink to the new location.  That way, I 
> can rename what the symlink points to, without necessarily needing to leave 
> SIP turned off.

Grumble... I didn't realize SIP would prevent renaming /usr/local. That's 

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