Ryan Schmidt wrote:
That sounds like you're using the X11 variant of the ports, and not the Quartz 

one last update that "proves" that our build is somehow different than the one fistributed by GIMP. First, I tried using the binary built on 10.5 on another computer and it didn't work. On 10.7 I haven't (yet) a MacPorts setup, it is not a development box.

The final test is a 10.6 machine, where I can have both: I have the "official" build installed and installed the MacPorts version! The MacPorts version of gimp has on 10.6 exactly the same look as on 10.5. It is a native Mac application but hasn't the look of it (tabs, buttons, etc...) the one distributed instead has a less square look. Actually it is mostly a kind of theme, because some details look like a more modern Mac and on 10.6 are out of place, but still it blends much nicer.

Somebody else compiled GIMP? How does it look there?

I'd like to have GIMP look as the distributed version, also because gimp.org officially mentions getting it through MacPorts!

Maybe by having the both version I can perform some check?


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