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> Question: GIMP works quite fine, but compared to the official build I
> got on the website (which is for 10.6 and up though), in our version all
> controls look like GTK on X11, while in the other one they look more
> mac-like, some look being even native.
> Is this a difference of OS? GTK? build setting? a GTK theme?

I have compared the current Macports build of Gimp with +quartz and the one 
downloaded from gimp.org. They look mostly the same but they are slightly 
The Macports one has old-fashioned rounded buttons with big round corners 
(almost half circles). The downloaded one has the more modern buttons with tiny 
AFAIK, the GIMP UI is completely based on GTK. The look-and-feel should depend 
on the theme. I think the look-and-feel is emulated, and does not use the 
native MacOS widgets. But I have the same theme in both cases (Default). I 
looked in the theme directory and they are equal. So maybe it comes down to a 
different GTK implementation.
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