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On Tue, 6 Mar 2018, Daniel J. Luke wrote:

In Dave's case, he's running a perl script and not building with a compiler - so it's not CPPFLAGS but rather @INC changes with perl 5.26 that he's seeing.

Yeah, I saw that, but I worked it out. Putting "#!/usr/bin/env perl -I." as the shebang fixed it until/if/when I release the code, and "perl -c -I." for my "make check" target in the [mM]akefile

You should note that the name of the environment variable to turn on the traditional behavior is PERL_USE_UNSAFE_INC. So: not something to allow anywhere near a release. Probably not something to use outside of a developer's personal machine.

(and how I loathe the Mac's file system and its stupid mixed-case handling).

If you can do live without Adobe CC and a shrinking handful of other shoddy software, switching to case-sensitive is mostly painless. Switching BACK is painful but i've been running MacOS X on case-sensitive file systems exclusively since the first stable developer preview, so I can attest to the problems with using a case-sensitive filesystem going from frequent to almost never over that time.

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