Hey Folks,

I'm looking at using rsync for a number of jobs, and figuring out how to use it 
properly on a Mac to preserve file attributes and dates has been a bit of a 

I finally talked to someone I know who wrote a utility around it and got some 
good advice.

Base command:

rsync -aAHNvXx --fileflags --force-change --numeric-ids --protect-args 
--progress --stats <source> <destination>

My friend's advice and a few places on the Net recommend using this switch on 
the Mac:

--protect-decmpfs (patch by Mike Bombich of CCC fame)

MacPorts rsync version 3.1.3 protocol version 31 doesn't have this option 

How desirable is this option?

Is there a way to add the option when building rsync with MacPorts?

If so I would expect to see a variant, but I've mostly used default ports and 
am uneducated about variants.

I have't fooled with `make` for quite a while (preferring to let MacPorts do 
the dirty work for me), but I expect I can make from source if I have to.

TIA for any useful commentary.

Best Regards,

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