OK, this is becoming ridiculous!  Just freaking ridiculous!

I set up an activity in ITunes on my mac.  Basically, I don't like my Voiceover 
sounds in that app.  I think they distract, for one, from the media I'm 
playing, and two, let's say, when you're searching for something, for every 
character you type in the search box, you get that really loud obnoxious 
popover sound.  So, when you're typing about 110 words a minute, per character 
getting that sound, yeah, you try that and tell me how quickly you get a head 
ache.  LOL!

Anyway, so, I don't want my sounds normally off, just in ITunes.  So, in the 
past, ages ago, I made an activity to shut off the sound effects just within 
ITunes.  Worked  flawlessly up until this update.  Now, it's totally broken.  
The update won't take effect.  Not even after restarting Voiceover.

I removed, and recreated the activity, and made sure to tie it to ITunes.app, 
but that did no good.

This is of corse in the most up to date El Capitan, with the ITunes update that 
just came out last Tuesday.
Christopher Gilland
JAWS Certified, 2016.
Training Instructor.

Phone: (704) 256-8010.

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