For folks who are aware, Verizon just launched LTE advanced or the ability to 
bond carriers.  T-Mobile has had carrier aggregation in the network since 2014 
and with new advances announced this week jumps back in to the lead being over 
2 times faster than verizon with maximum speeds of 400 megabits now available.  
Two key technologies have been released, 4X4 MIMO and new modulation schema 
64/quad upload and 256/quad download.  
        First, 4X4 MIMO allows t-mobile to open twice as many paths to your 
handset.  This means that data is now spread on multiple paths per band 
effectively increasing the bandwidth ( radio bandwidth) between your handset 
and the tower.  This technology is up and running now in over 251 cities and 
quickly being rolled out network wide.
        Second, the new modulation scheme means that more bits per frame or 
transmission are sent at one time.  This upgrade will be fully rolled out 
across the T-Mobile network by the end of october.  Combined these technologies 
allow for more cells per tower, faster throughput and the ability to offer 
truly unlimited services with out worrying about user contention or the need to 
        T-Mobile also announced that it’s network now covers 99.7% of the area 
that Verizon covers and reaches over 312 million users.  Plans continue to not 
only increase coverage but increase cell density to the highest in the industry 
surpassing verizon.  This means more raw capacity and more towers to carry your 

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