Hello everyone,
So, right before Mobile Me shut down, I signed up for it. I have no idea why I 
did, but now I’m stuck with this annoying problem.
Is there a way to hide the me.com <http://me.com/> address so it is never used? 
Every time i reply to a message on this list Mac Mail always points to the 
ori...@me.com <mailto:ori...@me.com> instead of iCloud.com. While that does go 
to the same inbox, the stupid Mailman list manager doesn’t see that and think’s 
it’s an error. I have gone in and deleted the me.com <http://me.com/> address 
from iCloud.com, web interface, however Mail still insists on using it, even 
for iOS.
There are lists I am subscribed to with the me.com <http://me.com/> address 
though, so I’ll have to change it to iCloud.com if I can somehow make me.com 
<http://me.com/> disappear from Mail permanently.
Thanks all.

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