Interesting developments to be. I know nothing about USB C but I usually go with the flow and so expect it probably will be an easy enough change to adapt to.

The touch bar I find interesting too. We need someone to beta test hardware! Oh right. NDA. So much for that.

My mid 2012 MBP still seems healthy whereas my bank account is not so a new Mac is not on my radar. A new iPhone has a better chance.

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  Without H2O there is no life!

On 10/18/2016 10:03 AM, Scott Granados wrote:
Found this article on redmond pie and it seemed totally on topic to discuss.  
Includes expectations about the up coming release of the laptops including the 
end of the MacBook air 11, the 12 Inch MacBook taking the place of the 11 inch 
air, the continuation and upgrade of the MacBook air 13, and changes to the 
MacBook Pro..  The article notes the source has a hit and miss record with 
rumors, it does indicate that it matches other reports from more reliable 
sources so it seems worth reading.  I’d be interested in comments, I’m not sure 
I like all the proposed changes.
        The changes include an OLED light bar (I assume in place of function 
keys), no more mag safe adapter, no more USB, and what’s being included is 
USB-C (I do like this) (Thunderbolt 3 (Apple always has to provide a little bit 
different but proprietary port that’s a little faster, just because) and the 
power button has the fingerprint Censor (I like it).
What do you all think?

Read more here.

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