I'm trying to setup the wlan on the N770 using iwconfig and only
iwconfig (i.e. without using any GUI). I got the wireless-tools from

    The strange thing is it doesn't seem to work properly. I can
configure it using (iwconfig wlan0) key, mode, power, but things like
essid, freq, channel, rate are not working. Whatever I set it has no
effect.  essid always stays ESSID:off/any. There's no error messages,
exit code is 0.

    The only thing i noticed is when i do that I get "Using default
authentication order" in dmesg

    And in fact, if I use the GUI to connect and setup the wireless,
then i do a iwconfig wlan0 essid command it will reset all the essid,
channel/freq, rate etc.

    Anyone has an idea?



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