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I think we could benefit a fair bit from having a "simple" and an
"expert" interface for the list administrators.  I had a number of
replies both on and off list saying "yes!  please!" so I take it I'm not
the only one who thinks this is a good idea.  My question to everyone
is... what options would you deem essential in the "simple" interface?

List admin:
   Jason said:
   #1.  Manage subscriber list
I think this needs bulk un/subscribe. Strong warnings about legal requirements should be present. Perhaps with localised links to guidance. Should also put individual moderation here. Perhaps some other options.
   #2.  Manage digest/non digest options
       I'm not sure this is absolutely required in a simple interface.
   #3.  Emergency moderation
#4. Archives (Public/private settings), navigate to archives, (maybe censor an archived message).

   Cristóbal added:
   #5 3 PRESETS:
       announce-only list vs.
       moderated discussion vs.
       open discussion
   #6 List Description
       web landing page description
       footer content

   I would add:
   #7 search for a list member.
   #8 Display/export entire membership list.
   #9 Add/remove a moderator
   #10 contact a system administrator to
       Request list removal,
       Request a new list, or
       Get help

Site admin:
site management (define lists, and list ownership, apply emergency moderation):
   #1 Display lists, with ownership and emergency moderation status.
Perhaps sort/filter by owner or domain, style or moderation status, traffic.
   #2 Add a list with a preset style/change style.
   #3 Disable or Delete a list, and/or list archive.
   #4 Change a list owner or moderator.
   list management:
#5 disable list features (eg, to prevent the owner from changing footer content).
   #6 manage a list - with full feature set
   #7 become list owner - (so you can see the effect of disabling features)
Ian Eiloart
IT Services, University of Sussex
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