Dear Mailman Developers, 

From our organization we are really looking forward for the coming 3.1 release 
of Mailman as we would like to migrate our current Mailman 2.1. We are looking 
that in your git page the 
progress is at 98%, so we hope it will be ready in the coming days. Great! 

Regarding this, when the new 3.1 version is finished, will it be in a 'Beta' 
phase, or directly a public release? 

In the case of being a Beta release, do you know an estimate time of when it 
will became fully released? 

Many thanks! 



Aurora Technology B.V. for ESA - European Space Agency 

Ruben Ibanez 
Computer Engineer / System Analyst 

Sciops technical IT Unit - SITU 

Data and Engineering Division 

Operations Department, Directorate of Science 

European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC) 

European Space Agency (ESA) 

Camino bajo del Castillo s/n, Urb. Villafranca del Castillo P.O. Box 78 - 
28691 Villanueva de la CaƱada, Madrid, Spain | | T +34 91 81 31 518 

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