Hi Ruben,

On Jan 13, 2017, at 04:08 PM, Ruben Ibanez wrote:

>From our organization we are really looking forward for the coming 3.1
>release of Mailman as we would like to migrate our current Mailman 2.1. We
>are looking that in your git page
>https://gitlab.com/mailman/mailman/milestones/2 the progress is at 98%, so we
>hope it will be ready in the coming days. Great!

I should point out this this milestone technically only describes Core.  A
potentially more comprehensive overview for the entire suite is at:


but TBH, I'm not sure whether Postorius and HyperKitty are as slavishly
focused on milestoning as I am for Core. ;)

>Regarding this, when the new 3.1 version is finished, will it be in a 'Beta'
>phase, or directly a public release?

Beta 2 of Core is already available on PyPI:


>In the case of being a Beta release, do you know an estimate time of when it
>will became fully released?

The last major feature for 3.1 Core is done (DMARC mitigation) so we just have
a few more minor issues to pick off.  Mark Sapiro is already running all the
git HEADs on lists.mailman3.org so we're essentially testing integration in
production already.  We need to concentrate on finishing Postorius and
HyperKitty (and mailmanclient, but that should be easy).  It doesn't look like
a ton of work, but it probably could use some well-placed help here and there.

I can't give you an ETA, but once Core is at 100% milestone, I'll release it
as an RC, and then jump over to the other projects to help.  I do think we're
close enough for folks to start using it in anger, and more importantly,
providing feedback, bugs, and code.

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