Hey Everyone,

I am pleased to announce that Mailman Core 3.3.4 is now out. 

Because of  incompatibility with the new version of a downstream 
library (SQLAlchemy), this release add is setting 1.3.x as the max
supported version of SQLAlchemy.

Even though it comes soon after 3.3.3, it has a lot of bug fixes and
new features. Some notable ones are:
* Email -join command now supports subscribing as digests with 
  digest=<no|mime|plain> options being honored. 
* For anonymous lists, Mailman will filter all the headers except a few
  that can be configured using a new config option.
* Mailman can do max_size checks on filtered message rather than
  original message (which might be larger before being filtered)
* Previously deprecated --add, --del and --sync options from 
  `mailman members` command are now removed. Their alternatives
  are `addmembers`, `delmembers` and `syncmembers` subcommands.
* If configured, Mailman will add a report about content filtering.

A complete change log is available here:


This release is available via PyPI:


You can install or upgrade using:

$ pip install --upgrade mailman

Thanks to all the contributors who helped with this release!

On behalf of Mailman Core Team
Abhilash Raj
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