Hello everyone,

I am Quanwen Chen (the student being selected for this year's GSoC).
You can call me Steven, and I use `Steven1677` as my username on
I am really glad to be selected, and my project is the list
configuration tool. This tool is aimed at exporting/importing
configurations of one list, so to start the project, I will try to
figure out the database schema of mail lists first. Then some quick UI
prototypes in postorius can be made for getting the basic feeling
about the tool.

As scheduled in my proposal, I will try to finish these two things in
the community bonding period. However, I am taking exams in my
university until May 28th. Hence, the work progress in the first two
weeks of the community bonding period might be slow. But starting from
May 29th, I am able to devote more time on this project.

The focus of my working during the bonding period would be
1. figuring out what the tool should be in some kind of detail (make
sure I will build the right thing, can use quick UI prototypes to
2. getting more familiar with the database schema to support the
coding period work

I would like to thank two mentors: Stephen and Abhilash in advance for
mentoring my work this summer.

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