Hi everyone,

I'm look for freelance developer who would like to work on mailman3 
improvements.  Any suggestions?

I want to invest in a range of improvements to the MM3 backend core plus the 
Postorius and HyperKitty interfaces. But this won't be me ;-) I'd like to work 
with a freelance developer who works with this community to develop 
contributions that actually make it into future releases. 

This would happen over June-August and perhaps beyond. While I could just go 
out and find a python developer, me first choice would be to work with someone 
already in the community so I know they are familiar and committed to the 
platform beyond any paid work I can provide.

Anyone you can recommend? Are you interested? Just get in touch :-)


PS - if there is a better place to post let me know, but this seems like the 
place that is most relevent.
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