Hi Steve

Thanks for the confirmation on my eligibility and the explanation on the
REST callback problem.

May I know what sort of technology do you guys have in mind to build such a
REST callback? The idea page mentioned a pubsub model, which to my
understanding it's to use an event queue where Core is the publisher, and
Postorious is the subscriber. Does this mean building a pubsub model using
some Python libraries?


On Tue, Mar 22, 2022 at 3:58 PM Stephen J. Turnbull <
stephenjturnb...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Christopher writes:
>  > I am not a student, but I am working as a software engineer full
>  > time (10-6 on weekdays). I would like to start contributing to open
>  > source projects and stumbled upon GSoC which I thought it's a great
>  > opportunity to get started. If I am able to churn out 14.5 hours of
>  > work per week (by working on the weekends) across 12 weeks (summing
>  > up to 175 hours), do I stand a chance to be accepted as a GSoC
>  > participant?
> You stand a chance, yes.  I don't know if we have specific preference
> for students, I'll have to discuss it with Abhilash, but we're not
> going to rule you out because you're working already.  At present
> you're the only person who's expressed interest, too. :-)  (That
> doesn't mean nobody's downloading code and looking for easy patches,
> though.)
> In a later post you mention the "REST Callbacks" task.  I think that
> was Abhilash's idea, I'll see if I can get him to flesh it out a
> little.  But the basic idea is exactly as stated in the ideas page:
>            Request           Request
>     +------+  1  +-----------+  2  +------+
>     |      |---->|           |---->|      |
>     | User |     | Postorius |     | Core |
>     |      |<----|           |<----|      |
>     +------+  4  +-----------+  3  +------+
>           Response           Response
> So this means that, for example, Postorius can't present a real-time
> dashboard for moderators that shows whether a list has held posts that
> the moderator needs to check and approve or reject.  The system needs
> to start with a request at 1, pass it on to 2, then core responds at
> 3, and finally Postorius passes it back to the user at 4.  What we'd
> like to be able to do is register a callback with core so that when it
> receives and holds a post, it tells Postorius without needing a
> request, and then Postorius would update the dashboard.
> The dashboard (Postorius <--> User interaction) is not part of this
> project.  At present we don't have such a real-time interaction
> between Postorius and the user.  But for that to be most useful,
> rather than have Postorius continuously polling core with "are there
> held message? are there held messages? are there held messages? ...",
> we want to use such a callback mechanism.  The REST API callbacks are
> a first step in that direction.
> Steve
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