Hey Everyone,

I am trying out some of the code formatting tools on Mailman repos to help reduce some efforts in development. The tools I am trying out is blue[1] and isort[2] to format code and imports. We've been using isort on some repos, but am planning to expand that to all projects.

I am also adding a new tox command `tox -e format` that should run the appropriate commands locally for users to run.

The choice of tool, blue in this case, was mostly motivated by the design choices that align closest with Mailman's as Barry is a co-owner of the tool and authored Mailman's style guide as well.

If there are any issues with these tools, please let me know or feel free to open an issue on the project and ping me there.

I've started off with Postorius[3], but will expand further to other projects. Core will probably be updated towards the last.

[1]: https://blue.readthedocs.io/en/latest/#
[2]: https://pycqa.github.io/isort/index.html
[3]: https://gitlab.com/mailman/postorius/-/merge_requests/734

Abhilash Raj (maxking)

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