On 10/28/22 00:04, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
Abhilash Raj writes:
  > I am not sure I understand this part. Do you mean to say we'd be getting
  > too may PRs with "formatting-only" changes?

No, I mean the diffs we do to localize errors.  The day after you
merge the reformatting PR, anybody who wants to identify a regression
since Postorius 1.3.7 is going to get as many lines of " -> ' as they
do of code changes.  Half the time what appears to be a regression
from future 1.3.8 to HEAD is going to turn out to be older than the
reformat merge, same problem just less frequent.  It gets less
frequent over time, but it will take quite a while before the reformat
merge consistently contributes less than 10% of changes, I expect.

Ah, I get your point now. And, I agree with you that it would make it difficult to compare raw diffs.

  > Currently, my thought is to do a one-time format for the entire codebase
  > and then add "blue --check" as a part of the "qa" CI gate. Then, for
  > each subsequent MR that follows, people would need to run "tox -e
  > format" before they commit and create MR. The hope there is also

Yes, this is a great idea for new files, or files you're refactoring
to death anyway.  But it has a potentially large downside of turning
diffs that should be one-line changes into rafts of fixquote changes.

I don't see the tools actually supporting formatting only-diffs. It _can_ be done by piping all the updated files to `blue` command, but then reverting style changes in parts of file where there wasn't any real change made would be more work than just fixing the flake8 errors manually.

It sounds all-or-nothing kind of scenario when it comes to formatting tools, blue/black at least from what I can see.

  > My motivation here is to not have to push "oops, make flake8 gods happy"
  > commits on top of my PRs and not have to worry about it when writing code.
  > While it isn't too huge of an issue, it is still manual effort that I
  > feel can be automated to reduce some work and save time.

Sure, but doing it globally also makes some work.  The question is
does it make more work (and annoyance) for everybody who does diffs
than is experienced by the developer who needs to make a flake8
commit?  I do a lot more diffs on Mailman than I do commits.

I am trying to think if we can make that process better, after making a one-time code formatting change, through tooling or alternative commands to grok the diffs.

Are you usually looking for just anything that looks odd or typically any kind of difference that looks suspicious or just trying to learn the differences? Can just comparing the commits/commit messages? or Merge Requests merged since the feature branch would help since we mandate all changes go through MR workflow?

I don't know if I can speak much about comparing raw diffs, because I very rarely end up doing that. I am usually looking at commit level data and looking for MRs that last changed the point I am interested in with `git-blame` for some contextual data around the MR. Merge commits have the MR no to easily track where the change came from.

  > > What is the purpose of this?  Anybody who runs it on a code base
  > > before the blue'd code gets merged is going to generate hard to read
  > > crufty PRs, no?
  > How so? If the existing code base is already auto-formatted, then the
  > PRs would be just regular diffs, formatted with the same tool.

Maybe tox -e format isn't a problem because you would add that tox
target in the same commit (or later) you do the reformat, but if this
is going to be policy, some people will aggressively reformat their
code to that standard before the package is reformatted.  Every once
in a while you still see MRs in Python where somebody PEP8s a whole
stdlib module where the contribution is a 2-line doc improvement.
Those get rejected of course.  We should do that too.

My intent with `tox -e format` was to aid with the formatting of the changes folks would contribute, with the assumption that the entire codebase is already formatted.

But yeah, we shouldn't really entertain format-only changes.

  > I've tried to solve at least the "git-blame" issue by adding the rev of
  > the commit with the "mass-refactor" into a file in the main repo that
  > you can feed to "git blame --ignore-rev-file .git-blame-ignore-revs".
  > For editors, there is a way to set git config for the blame-ignore-file
  > so it works across everything that uses git.

That's very helpful for some operations.  How to make it discoverable
is something of a headache though -- I didn't know there was a

Yeah, I agree. I just added to Postorius with the formatting changes, currently it doesn't exist for other repos since we haven't really done any of those formatting changes.

Abhilash Raj (maxking)

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