Hello Mark,

we are testing a new mailing list (our provider currently makes Mailman 2.1.33 

On the "General Options" page for the list, there is the setting
"Send monthly password reminders?"

We set this to "No" when we configured the list (before we had any subscribers).

Now we have a few test subscribers. When they log in to their respective 
subscription pages, they will find the setting 
"Get password reminder email for this list?"

And in all observed cases this is set to "Yes".

Similarly, on the "Digest Options" page there is the setting
"When receiving digests, which format is default?"

And regardless of whether this is set to "Plain" or "Mime", subscribers logging 
in to their respective subscription pages will see there the same parameter 
invariably set to "Mime".

In terms of logic, this is an unsatisfactory situation:

either, if the general settings overrule individual setting, then subscribers 
are being misled, because they think they have choices when they actually don't,

or, if the individual settings have precedence, then list managers are being 
misled, because they are given the impression that they are controlling certain 
paramaters when they actually don't.

What are we overlooking here?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Ian Zhang

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