On Fri, 1 Jan 2021, Mark Sapiro wrote:

On 1/1/21 1:55 AM, jack...@encompasserve.org wrote:

Admin email received 8am each morning listing the pending
posts from non-members.

Mailman reports "There are no pending requests."

Tomorrow the same thing happens reporting the same historic
date of the non-member post.

See the FAQ article at <https://wiki.list.org/x/8683538>.

The list was indeed migrated from one instance to another.

Surely the requests need to be cleared-out of the instance
doing the email reporting.

On both, Mailman reports "There are no pending requests."

The following day, another email and recurrence of the same
dated requests recur needing to be discarded.

Sure, removing the cron jobs would stop the attend-to emails
but can't be the root cause since each morning those same old
spams would be there needing to be discarded (again).
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